Mochos Village

Mochos: A Glimpse into Traditional Cretan Life

The wide Cretan terrain offers a rich palette of chances for individuals seeking relaxation and authentic experiences. Crete is home to unspoiled inland villages in addition to gorgeous beaches and cities rich in history and culture. Mochos is one of the locations close to Heraklion. The municipality offers a daily bus to the settlement, which is around 41 kilometers from the city center. A visit here will allow you to escape the seaside crowds while experiencing a unique environment and discovering a different side of Crete.

Visiting Mochos Village

The village is mountainous and dates back to the second Byzantine period, with Stalida (Stalis) as its harbor town. The road from Stalis enters and cuts through Mohos village, providing beautiful views of the surrounding mountain and sea landscape.

Indeed, from the road, Mochos appears to be resplendently nestled away in the mountains. Driving farther, one arrives at the village’s central square, a comforting reminder of true Greek culture.

Traditional houses from the 16th century populate the village of Mochos. Their courtyards are known for their fragrant flowers, and the village is known for its hospitality.

There are different Byzantine churches to visit, with important old icons to see.

The main church, at the central square of the village, is dedicated to the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and to Agia Paraskevi, and it is in the central square. This temple is home to an iconostasis of the Virgin dating back to 1820.

Food and events

Mochos Village is also a great stop during lunch time. A visit to the main square of the village will present you with a hard choice because of the many taverna options.

They usually arrange their little tables on the streets, under the shade of lush trees, and their dishes are delicious.

The musical traditions of Mohos are well renowned. Cretan evenings are hosted every Wednesday in the village square from May to September.

Every week, traditional songs, dances, and musical events attract both locals and tourists.

Every year on August 14th and 15th, there are special celebrations honoring Mother Mary that involve Cretan music, dancing, songs, local wine, and delicious cuisine and last until early in the morning.

During this festival, local artists display their handcrafted goods in an exhibition at the Mochos Folklore Museum.

Embark on an adventure.

Hiking enthusiasts can reach Mochos by beginning in the seashore village of Stalida and hiking uphill to the main square.

Visitors can appreciate the wonderful landscapes that alternate between the turquoise sea of Crete and the majestic mountains along this road.

Another interesting idea is to ride your bike around the village and the surrounding region. Some even begin from the coastline towards the village.

Such tours are available. Cycling through fields, olive orchards, vineyards, and the village’s small alleys is available.

Cycling allows you to learn about the indigenous herbs and the delectable pies that make Crete unique.

A fantastic experience would be to visit the Byzantine Monastery of Panagia Gouverniotissa, which has an open herb farm for guests.

Furthermore, there is a huge range of Cretan plants to be found there.

When visiting the area, don’t forget to try the traditional ‘Hortopitakia’, made with local herbs and vegetables.

They’re little Cretan pies stuffed with spring herbs and vegetables like spinach, thyme, oregano, rosemary, fennel, and parsley.

The monastery is located 5.6 kilometers south-east of Mochos (17 minutes by car).

Folklore museum

The Folklore Museum of Mochos is placed in the village’s Agios Georgios square, in a stunning stone-built building with 16th-century architectural characteristics.

The initial attempts to establish a museum were made in 1976 by people who wished to highlight and promote components of the local cultural tradition to the public.

The museum is organized into two divisions based on its themes. The first is on the ground floor and features the Cretan traditional house, while the second is on the upper floor and features artifacts from traditional professions.

The museum is open all week, 10:00 a.m.–18:00 p.m.

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Mohos windmills

One of Crete’s windmill parks can be found north of Mohos, near Stalis. There are still five windmills in a row.

Windmills are characteristic of eastern Crete, where rivers are absent. Watermills were built in Western Crete, where there are more springs and rivers. The mills were built into mountain slopes and in windy locations.

You can access the location by following an old trail that was created before the big roads in the 20th century and the outburst of tourism in Crete. The trail was built with stone and starts from the village’s soccer field

The trail ends at Malia, and its a 5-kilometer (2 hours) full of stunning scenery.

Dikteon Andron cave

Dikteon Andron is situated in the Lassithi district of Crete at Psychro Village. Dikteon Andron is relatively close to Mochos village (42 minutes by car) and is a mesmerizing cave renowned for its breathtaking beauty and rich history.

This cave, which reaches a depth of approximately 220 meters, features exquisite stalactites and stalagmites that create a surreal and enchanting environment. It is not only an important archaeological site but also a place of great mythological significance.

According to Greek mythology, Dikteon Andron is believed to be the legendary birthplace of Zeus, the king of the gods.

The Kera Kardiotissa Monastery is located 8.6 kilometers southeast of Mochos Village (16 minutes by car), in a wooded area of the North Dikti Range, near to the road leading to the Plateau of Lassithi.

This is a historic monastery named after the adjacent communities of Kera and Ano Kera. Panagia Kera is a true gem of Byzantine art and a testament to the island’s rich cultural heritage.

This ancient church, dedicated to the Virgin Mary (Panagia), is renowned for its exceptional frescoes, artifacts, and architecture, which have captivated visitors and art enthusiasts for centuries.

Atlantis is a legendary island described in Plato’s books Timaeus and Critias as a metaphor for national hubris. However, the Greek island of Crete has its very own “Atlantis” called Sfendyli.

Sfendyli is a seaside community 3.3 kilometers south from Mochos (18 minutes by car) that rose to prominence a few years ago when it began to sink, only to emerge from the sea again. The abandoned village has been submerged and then resurfaced for the past 17 years as a result of the Aposelemi dam, which was erected in the vicinity.

Sfendyli is located 38 kilometers from Heraklion in the artificial lake created by the Aposelemi dam.

THINGS TO SEE AND DO IN Mochos village

Walk around the narrow streets
Enjoy a meal at the main square
Visit the Folklore Museum
Cycling to or around the village
Visit Panagia Kera (8.6 kms southeast)
Visit Sfendyli (3.3 kms south)
Visit Panagia Gouverniotissa (5.6 kms)
Hike the old Mochos- Malia trail
Join traditional events

How to Get There

There are quite a few choices to reach the village of Mochos.

By Car:

Start from Heraklion city and head east on National Road 90 (E75) towards Agios Nikolaos.

Continue on the National Road for about 27 kilometers (around 30 minutes), passing through various towns and villages.

Take the exit for Mochos (Μόχος). You will see signs indicating the exit.

Follow the local roads to reach the village of Mochos.

By public transportation:

1) You can take a KTEL bus from the Heraklion bus station (KTEL Herakliou) to Mochos. Be sure to check the bus schedule, as the frequency of service may vary by season. The bus will drop you off at or near the village center in Mochos. These buses are not as frequent as others like the one below.

2) You can take a KTEL bus from the Heraklion bus station (KTEL Herakliou) to Stalida (Stalis) or Malia. Be sure to check the bus schedule, as the frequency of service may vary by season. Then, either by taxi or by grouped tour buses, you can reach the village.

Cycling or hiking:

There are a few grouped tours that you can sign up for that guide you to the village and some of the nearby destinations, like the ones we mentioned above. It is a great way to visit all these places if you are feeling adventurous or want to experience something different here in Crete.


Mochos Village in Crete and its nearby attractions offer a delightful blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you’re interested in history, cuisine, or simply enjoying the tranquil surroundings, Mochos is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking an authentic Cretan experience.


Explore the Village:!
Take your time to stroll through the charming streets of Mochos. Enjoy the traditional Cretan architecture and stop by local shops and tavernas to sample regional products and cuisine.
Traditional Festivals!
If your visit coincides with one of the village's traditional festivals or cultural events, be sure to attend. You'll experience authentic Cretan celebrations with live music, dancing, and delicious food.
Hiking and Nature!
The surrounding countryside is ideal for hiking and exploring the natural beauty of Crete. Consider taking nature walks to appreciate the landscapes, wildlife, and plant life in the region. Consider wearing comfortable clothes and footwear.
Guided Tours!
Consider joining guided tours (cycling, hiking, or tour buses) of the area. Local guides can provide you with insights into the history, culture, and natural surroundings, enhancing your overall experience.
Sunset Views!
In Mochos, take an evening stroll to enjoy breathtaking sunset views over the Cretan landscape. The colors in the sky, combined with the village's serene atmosphere, create a magical experience.
Local Products!
Look for opportunities to purchase local products, such as olive oil, wine, and herbs. These make for excellent souvenirs and gifts.

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