Alas! A fellow traveler!

So glad you are here!

My name is Konstantinos and i am the founder of

Best Crete Destinations

I started this project because I believe YOU deserve the best experience and memories while visiting Crete!

Here is how I’ve been doing it!

As an employee in the hospitality industry, I noticed that most of the visitors had

one question in common:

What is there to see and do?

This was my favorite part of the job!

I had the opportunity to draw them a mental picture of the destination they would be interested in and list things that they would be able to see and do there!

I myself encountered this kind of difficulty before my travels!

lifeless guides 

Focusing just on the destination rather than the experience you get or the different interests of the reader

Confusing comments

Tired of browsing the endless rows and ending up baited by someone elses experience rather than following what 

i really wanted to explore

My mission is to create a complete guide to Crete for visitors, covering many different aspects of the destinations and types of tourism!

My dream

We asked the locals

How much time are you spending on browsing hotels and properties suitable for your needs to spend your vacations?

How many times did you ask your receptionist or the internet where to dine?

We already did this for you!

We designed the “We asked the locals” project so that you can spend less effort searching hotels, restaurants, tours, adventures and many more!