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FAQ about Crete

the most frequently asked questions

is crete the right destination for me?

Crete is the biggest island in Greece. By saying that we imply that it has a huge variety of destinations and a diversity in activities that is difficult to dissapoint. If you are not yet persuaded then all you have to do is ask yourself:

  • Do you like beautiful and exotic beaches?
  • Are you an adventurous spirit searching for your next exciting destination?
  • Do you enjoy hiking mountainous terrain, gorges or even caves and forests for the stunning nature views?
  • Are you searching for exceptional culinary experiences accompanied by good wine?
  • Do you like discovering the ancient mysteries and mythology in remnants of cities and palacies?
  • Are you a fun of medieval architecture and love castles, churches and forts?
  • Do you enjoy traditional festivals?

All those above and many more can be found COMBINED all around Crete!

How long should I stay in Crete?

That's a peculiar question and it usually depends on how much of the island you are willing to explore! If we had to agree on an average span, it would have to be seven to ten (7–10) days just so you could see the best that Crete has to offer. Most of the people who visited Crete fell in love with the island and returned in the future.

If you need help planning your vacations here in Crete or even need some suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us! Regardless of how many days you are visiting Crete, we will suggest some interesting destinations that, according to your interests, are worth exploring!

where should i stay in crete?

Crete is separated into four (4) districts! This project is built around that. This will help you gain insight and decide what really matches your personality and interests, so you can choose accordingly where your accommodation would like to be. Furthermore, depending on the time of your visit, you might choose more than one district to be your host.

Example: Let's say that you have enough time (7 days) and you would like to explore destinations in all 4 districts. For your arrival, you can choose to land at Chania's airport so you can explore west Crete and then move to the east, where you can depart from Heraklion's airport. Basically, have as a base of operations two cities (2) with airports to explore the nearby area.

Should I rent a car in Crete?

We highly recommend renting a car during your visit to Crete. It's a great luxury and convenience to have your own transportation on the island for the following reasons:

  • Many destinations, especially in south Crete, can't be reached by public transportation. Even if there is transportation, it will not be frequent.
  • You will be tied to timetables, which might be, as we mentioned, thin. Also, they can be really stressful, and you don't need that on your vacation. You are visiting to be free and relaxed.
  • Having your own car will definitely cost you less if you are thinking of reaching distant destinations by taxis or other transports.

Keep in mind:

  • GPS: Either on your phone or a navigational device will help making your driving experience on the island smoother.
  • License: If you are a citizen of the EU, all you need is your EU license. For visitors outside the EU, you will need an international driving permit in addition to your driving license.
  • 4x4: You don't need a 4WD for any part of the island. Unless you just want this kind of vehicle for fun, it's not necessary for reaching destinations like Balos or Elafonisi.
  • Renting: You should try to avoid renting a car upon arrival at the airport because it will cost you more, and you might even find something available, especially during high season. You could always check in advance for car rentals, or you can search here!

Should I visit multiple destinations on the same day?

Depending on your vacation time, you could visit multiple destinations per day. We highly recommend picking destinations that are relatively close to each other.

For example, you can visit Balos Lagoon, Ancient Falassarna and it's beach on the same day. It would be tiring at the end of the day but it would be a day full of new experiences, and it would not require you to drive all day or be in a bus or boat.

We don't recommend a trip like Balos Lagoon and then to Elafonisi, not because it is not possible but because it would be even more tiring than the previous one.

I am referring to these destinations because they are two of the most famous beaches in Crete, and if you want to visit them both and not get too tired, we advise splitting it into two (2) days. That's why in our articles we provide you with nearby destinations, so you can plan ahead.

When is the best time to visit Crete?

Crete is magnificent all of the year! There are people interested in beaches and others are interested in snow or mountains. If we had to choose the best month to visit Crete, it would be September for various reasons:

  • The weather is still hot, but not boiling hot like during the summer.
  • There are no crowds! It will be easier to visit places that have a line or are more famous and "commercial."
  • The sea has the perfect temperature after three (3) months of hot weather. It might be a little windy, but it's still a great beach day.

The best periods for activities and points of interest are:

  • Beaches: During July and August, there is almost no rain, and it's a really hot period. So for those who travel just for Crete's turquoise waters, you should definitely visit this period.
  • Hiking, etc.: If your interests expand to those of a nature's explorer, then May, June, September and October are the best months for you. Also, the weather is great, and there is no queuing at sites.
  • Rainy or Snowy Adventures: If you enjoy rain or even snow, then the winter season is suitable for you. If you want to explore enclosed areas or you enjoy the outdoors under these conditions, then December to March are the best months for you.