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Discovering the Hidden Gem: Agia Fotia Beach

Nestled in the picturesque Lassithi district, near the bustling city of Ierapetra, lies a hidden gem waiting to be explored: Agia Fotia Beach. The beach has taken its name from the iconic chapel of Agia Fotini (or Agia Fotia). This serene and enchanting destination offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, tranquility, and traditional Cretan charm. Whether you are a sunbather, a swimmer, or an adventurer, Agia Fotia Beach has something to offer everyone. Let’s dive into what makes this beach so special and why it should be on your travel itinerary.

stunning surroundings

Agia Fotia Beach is renowned for its stunning natural scenery. The beach is framed by dramatic cliffs and lush greenery, creating a secluded and intimate atmosphere.

The beach itself is a mix of soft sand and pebbles, perfect for laying out a towel and soaking up the Mediterranean sun. It gently slopes into the crystal-clear waters of the Libyan Sea, making it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkeling.

The clarity of the water is perfect for underwater exploration, where you can discover a vibrant marine life teeming just beneath the surface.

Activities and Attractions

Visitors to Agia Fotia Beach can enjoy a range of activities, including swimming, sunbathing, and scuba diving.

The beach is well-equipped with amenities such as sun loungers, umbrellas, and showers, ensuring that your beach experience is comfortable and enjoyable. If you have your own equipment, there is plenty of space a bit further to set up your beach gear!

For those who prefer land-based adventures, the surrounding area boasts excellent hiking trails that offer breathtaking views of the coastline and the opportunity to explore the local flora and fauna.

A Taste of Cretan Hospitality

One of the highlights of visiting Agia Fotia Beach is experiencing the warm and welcoming Cretan hospitality.

The beach is home to a few traditional tavernas and cafes where you can savor delicious local cuisine.

Fresh seafood, traditional Cretan dishes, and refreshing beverages are served with stunning sea views.

Don’t miss the chance to try some local specialties such as dakos, kalitsounia, and, of course, a glass of raki.

Perfect for Relaxation

If relaxation is what you seek, Agia Fotia Beach is the perfect place to unwind.

The beach is less crowded than some of the more popular tourist spots in Crete, allowing you to find your own quiet corner to soak up the sun.

The gentle sound of the waves lapping against the shore, combined with the soft rustling of the trees, creates a soothing soundtrack that will melt away your stress and worries.


Scuba Diving
Visit the Agia Fotini Church
Enjoy local food, snacks and beverages
Relax on a sunbed
Take in the views from the nearby hill

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How to Get There

By Car:

Agia Fotia is located in the southeast part of Crete. It is only 13 kilometers away from the city of Ierapetra, and 49 kilometers from Agios Nikolaos. It is easily reachable by car from both points, with ample parking available near the beach.  Renting a car is a great way to explore Crete at your own pace, and it gives you the flexibility to stop at other beaches or villages along the way. 

Here’s how to get to Agia Fotia from Agios Nikolaos (we recommend using a GPS device):

  • Get on E75 highway, heading east.
  • Follow it until you reach Pachia Ammos village.
  • Follow the road until you get out of the village, and in a few meters, you will see signs reading Ierapetra.
  • You will follow the Pachia Ammos-Ierapetra road until you reach Ierapetra. If you wish to go straight to the beach, just dont get into the city. When you arrive at Ierapetra, take the ring road Ioannis Kapodistrias until you reach the sea.
  • Follow the road Sitia- Ierapetra and just before you reach Achlia village, you will see signs reading Agia Fotia. 

    By Bus:

    Public buses are a more budget-friendly option, but they are less frequent and may require more planning. For those relying on public transport, there are regular bus services that connect Agios Nikolaos with Ierapetra, making it convenient for visitors without a vehicle. From Ierapetra you will get another bus to Agia Fotia.  It’s best to check timetables in advance or ask at the local bus station for routes and schedules.

    By Taxi:

    Taxis are the most convenient option, especially if you’re traveling with a group. However, they can also be the most expensive option. You can hail a taxi in major cities or arrange for a pick-up in advance. Keep in mind that taxi fares can vary depending on the distance and time of day.


Agia Fotia Beach is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating beach experience in Crete. Its stunning natural beauty, comfortable amenities, and easy accessibility make it an ideal choice for families, couples, and solo travelers alike. Whether you are looking to relax, enjoy water sports, or simply soak up the sun, Agia Fotia Beach is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories of your trip to Crete.


Plan Your Visit Early!
If you start your journey from Agios Nikolaos, it is best to start early so you can be there on time and avoid most of the heat. The beach can get busy, especially on weekends and during peak season.
Bring Sun Protection!
Don't forget to pack sun protection essentials like sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to ensure a comfortable day at the beach or during your hiking on the hills.
Explore Agia Fotia!
The surrounding area offers a variety of experiences. Consider exploring the nearby hills or the nearby coves. As always, we recommend caution!
Enjoy the Local Food and Drinks!
Take advantage of the nearby restaurants and cafes to enjoy local cuisine and refreshments. This will enhance your overall experience at the beach.
Visit the Local Church!
The beach is named after the nearby Church of Agia Fotini (or Agia Fotia), which is about 200 meters away. Take a short walk to visit the church and learn about its history.
Respect the Environment!
Be mindful of your impact on the environment and the beach. Follow any local regulations and guidelines to help preserve the natural beauty of Agia Fotia.

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