Kokkinos Pyrgos Beach

Kokkinos Pyrgos: Discovering the Enchanting Treasures of South Heraklion.

The picturesque village of Kokkinos Pyrgos is nestled along the southern coast of Heraklion, Crete. This unknown gem welcomes visitors to explore its timeless charm, tranquil surroundings, and a fascinating blend of history and natural beauty.

the Village and Location

A Coastal Haven of Tranquility

Kokkinos Pyrgos, which translates to “Red Tower,” boasts a pristine coastline adorned with golden sands and clear blue waters.

As you bask in the sun’s embrace, take leisurely walks along the shore and relish the peaceful ambiance that envelops this coastal haven.

A Starting Point for Discovery

Kokkinos Pyrgos serves as a gateway to discovering southern Heraklion’s treasures.

Nearby attractions include the archaeological site of Phaistos, an ancient Minoan palace, and the charming village of Matala, known for its distinctive rock formations and vibrant ambiance.

Of course, there is much more to see in the nearby area and they are listed in the nearby destinations further below.


Embracing Natural Beauty

Beyond the beaches, Kokkinos Pyrgos blends in with the Cretan landscape’s natural marvels.

Explore olive groves, citrus orchards, and vineyards that depict agricultural traditions. The breathtaking views serve as a backdrop to your journey, linking you to the island’s beauty.

For those seeking underwater adventures, the azure waters off Kokkinos Pyrgos offer a mesmerizing world to explore. Dive or snorkel to discover marine life, vibrant corals, and intriguing rock formations that add depth to your coastal experience.

A Warm Welcome

The people’s friendly hospitality is a distinguishing trait of Kokkinos Pyrgos. Accept the community’s hospitality, participate in local events, and engage in conversations that reveal insights into the island’s culture and traditions.

Stroll through its streets, adorned with remnants of the past, and feel the echoes of generations that have left their mark on this coastal gem.

Cretan Flavors and Hospitality

A visit to Kokkinos Pyrgos would be incomplete unless you sampled the unique flavors of Cretan cuisine. Local tavernas entice with scrumptious cuisine made from the freshest ingredients on the island. Enjoy fresh seafood, olive oil-infused concoctions, and aromatic herbs inspired by the region’s culinary tradition.

This is one of the spots we recommend to enjoy a day at the beach. Start your day with an iced coffee from “Sugar Cafe,” relax on their sunbeds by the beach, and maybe have a cocktail later on, in order to open your appetite.

Continuing your day, it is nearly noon. We highly recommend a dinner at Alatsi Mediterranean Cuisine“. Mr. Manolis is one of the best hosts in the area, and his dishes are exquisite and full of taste.

Sunsets and Seaside Bliss

Kokkinos Pyrgos Beach evolves into a magnificent environment for seeing stunning sunsets across the horizon as the day comes to an end. The sky is a vibrant painting, pouring a warm glow over the sea and creating an atmosphere of absolute happiness. It’s the perfect time to take a leisurely stroll along the beach or a beachfront dinner while soaking in the scenery.

kataliki lake

The little lake of Katalyki (Kato Alyki) is located about 2 kilometers west of Tymbaki, adjacent to the beach of Kokkinos Pyrgos. The marsh was previously connected to the Geropotamos river, but road development, water reduction, and land use for the construction of Tymbaki airport have severed it from the main delta.

The lake itself has been divided into portions by roadways that run through it, with a major interference being the coastal road, which has cut Katalyki’s connection to the sea. Some migrating species, such as flamingos, are commonly seen in the lake, and the beach is an important breeding ground for loggerhead sea turtles.

THINGS TO SEE AND DO IN kokkinos pyrgos

Sunbathing & Swimming
Snorkeling &Water Sports
Kid Friendly
Join in traditional events
Explore the nearby villages
Explore the nearby sites
Enjoy local food in tavernas
Mesmerizing Sunsets
A relaxing vacation

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How to Get There

The journey to Kokkinos Pyrgos, nestled along the southern coast of Heraklion, offers two convenient options: by bus or by car. Depending on your mode of transportation and the route you choose, here’s an estimated time for your travel:

By Car:

  • The approximate driving time from Heraklion city center to Kokkinos Pyrgos is around 1 hour, covering a distance of approximately 70-80 kilometers (43-50 miles). The route will take you through scenic landscapes and charming villages, allowing you to soak in the beauty of the Cretan countryside.

By Bus:

  • Taking a bus from Heraklion to Kokkinos Pyrgos offers a relaxed way to travel. Buses typically take longer than cars due to stops and potential transfers. The travel time can range from 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on the bus route and schedules.

It’s important to note that bus schedules may vary based on the season, so it’s recommended to check the current bus timetable before your journey. Additionally, road conditions and traffic can impact driving times, so planning ahead and allowing some flexibility is advisable.

Whether you choose to embark on a scenic drive or opt for a leisurely bus journey, the anticipation of reaching Kokkinos Pyrgos—a coastal paradise brimming with natural beauty and seaside allure—will undoubtedly make the travel time worthwhile.


At Kokkinos Pyrgos, you may enjoy sun-soaked dunes, history, and seaside delights. This enticing patchwork of peaceful beaches, active village life, and a touch of history guarantees a wonderful escape. Kokkinos Pyrgos tells a tale of coastal allure that resonates far beyond your stay as you explore undersea treasures, savor local food, and soak in beach calm.


Family Vacation!
Kokkinos Pyrgos Beach is ideal for a family vacation, offering a blend of natural beauty, family-friendly activities, and a welcoming atmosphere. Here, every member of the family, from the youngest to the oldest, can find something to enjoy and create cherished memories together.
Explore Nearby Villages!
Venture beyond the beach and discover neighboring villages like Kamilari and Pitsidia. These charming locales provide a glimpse into authentic Cretan life and culture.
Great base for Excursions!
The location of Kokkinos Pyrgos is perfect in order for you to go around and explore the nearby destinations in South Crete. From archaeological sites to several of the most beautiful and special beaches the Heraklion region has to offer.
Mesmerizing Sunsets!
Don't miss the mesmerizing sunset over the horizon. Find a cozy spot on the beach or a seafront cafe to witness the sky transform into a canvas of breathtaking colors.
Seaside Dining Experience!
Opt for a beachfront restaurant for a romantic dinner or a relaxed lunch. The combination of sea views and delicious food creates a memorable dining experience.
Preserve Nature!
While enjoying the beauty of the beach, be mindful of the environment. Dispose of trash responsibly and consider participating in any local beach cleanup efforts.

Destinations near Kokkinos pyrgos

More options for nearby locations to plan your vacations better!


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