Kommos Archeological Site

Kommos Archaeological Site: Ancient Trade and Coastal Splendor hub

The Kommos archaeological site is located on the picturesque south coast of the Heraklion region and offers a captivating journey into the ancient world. Steeped in history and renowned for its strategic coastal location, Kommos provides valuable insights into the maritime trade, cultural exchange, and architectural achievements of the Minoan civilization. In this article, we will delve into the history, significance, and notable discoveries of the Kommos archaeological site.

Location & Historical Significance

Within the Heraklion region, Kommos is located around 65 kilometers to the southwest of Heraklion.

This beachfront location, which boasts a commanding vantage point over the Libyan Sea, served as a thriving port city during the Minoan civilization, which thrived between 3000 and 1100 BCE.

Due to its location near water and also near Phaistos and Gortyn, two significant Minoan centers, it served as an important center for marine trade and commerce that linked Crete to other Mediterranean cultures.

There, exchanges were facilitated with other civilizations, including Egypt, the Near East, and mainland Greece. As a bustling commercial center, Kommos thrived on the export of mostly agricultural products, such as wine, olive oil and textiles, which were highly sought after in the ancient world.

Excavations at Kommos

The modern exploration of Kommos began in the early 1970s when archaeologists embarked on systematic excavations of the site.

Led by Joseph and Maria Shaw, these excavations have uncovered a wealth of archaeological treasures, shedding light on the site’s importance in Minoan Crete.

Architectural Marvels and Cultural Insights

An abundance of archaeological artifacts have been uncovered during Kommos excavations, shedding light on the importance of this coastal settlement and trading center.

The massive Minoan palace complex, which comprises a central courtyard, living rooms, a storage area, and workshops, is the site’s most spectacular feature.

Kommos Archeological Site: Panoramic View
Kommos Archeological Site: Panoramic View

The layout and architectural features of the palace provide important details on the social structure and administration of Minoan society.

The surrounding harbor, which has a separate protective mole, serves as evidence of Kommos’ prominence as a port.

The city’s importance in promoting marine trade and prowess is further highlighted by the discovery of evidence of shipbuilding activities during excavations.

The artifacts found in Kommos offer important hints about the social and commercial interactions that occurred.

There have been discoveries of intricate ceramics, priceless jewelry, imported items and religious relics, demonstrating the site’s cosmopolitan nature and its connections to other ancient civilizations.

Additional informations for kommos

Unfortunately the site of Kommos is not open so the public can explore it. The only way to see and appreciate the remainings of the structures is by walking around the fence that protects it.

The Site of Kommos is still considered and included in our destinations list because you can combine a travel back to time with a nice beach day. You can explore the beach of Kommos by following the button below.

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How to Get There

When it comes to accessing the serene shores of Kommos m, your journey is marked by simplicity and convenience. Whether you’re driving solo or exploring via public transportation, the road to this tranquil paradise is paved with beauty and ease. Kommos is located just 70 kilometers south of the city center of Heraklion and is easily accessible by car or bus. 

By Car: Navigating the scenic route from Heraklion city center is a delightful experience in itself. Set your course southwest on Route 97, and as the landscape unfolds before you, follow the signs that lead you to the coveted destination of Komos Site. These guiding markers bear the words “Komos Beach” or “Ancient Komos,” making the journey seamless and enjoyable. Upon your arrival, a parking area awaits, providing a safe haven for your vehicle to await your return from the coastal haven.

By Public Transportation: For those who prefer to embrace the local rhythm of travel, the journey to Komos from Heraklion can be embarked upon using the local bus network. A leisurely ride transports you to the nearby town of Matala, where the essence of the Cretan culture is palpable. From this charming hub, it’s a mere stone’s throw to Komos. Whether you opt to stroll through the picturesque landscapes or opt for a quick taxi ride, the beach’s proximity to Matala ensures your arrival in a matter of minutes.

Hints and Tips:

  • When venturing via bus, be sure to acquaint yourself with the schedule in advance, as bus timings can fluctuate seasonally.
  • Embrace the convenience of taxi services, which are readily available to cater to your transportation needs.
  • To ensure seamless navigation, rely on GPS navigation or map applications, guaranteeing you stay the course on your route to Komos.

As the road unfolds beneath your wheels or the landscapes pass by your window, anticipation builds for the haven that awaits at Komos. Whether your journey is punctuated by the joy of discovery or the embrace of local culture, the destination remains the same: an idyllic shoreline, ready to embrace your presence in the heart of the Heraklion region.


The Minoan civilization’s continuing appeal is attested to by the archaeological site of Kommos. Kommos offers important insights into the lives of the people who formerly flourished on this Mediterranean shore through its architectural marvels, relics, and maritime significance. Our knowledge of ancient Crete and its crucial role in the history of the Mediterranean region continues to be expanded by Kommos as a result of continuing excavations and research that shed fresh light on this fascinating location.


Local Beauty!
Engage with locals or fellow travelers to gather insights on hidden gems, local eateries, and the best spots to experience the beach's beauty.
Comfortable Footwear!
While the sands are soft and inviting, having comfortable footwear like flip-flops or sandals can make it easier to walk on the beach and nearby areas.
Cash & Essentials!
Have some cash on hand for beach services, such as renting sunbeds or purchasing items from local vendors. Keep essentials like a beach towel, a change of clothes, and a reusable shopping bag for convenience.
Respect the Site!
Remember that Kommos is an archaeological site, and its preservation is crucial.

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