Martsalos Gorge

Marchalos Gorge: Exploring Nature's Majesty in the Heraklion Region

Marchalos Gorge, nestled among the stunning scenery of Crete’s Heraklion region, is a natural gem just waiting to be discovered. The gorge provides an immersive experience for hikers, nature enthusiasts, and those looking to connect with the island’s untamed wildness, with its rugged beauty, steep cliffs, and unspoiled tranquility. This article tells the enthralling story of the Gorge, exposing its natural beauty, cultural value, and thrilling experiences ending up at Martsalos Beach.

A Scenic Paradise

Marchalos Gorge, with its high cliffs, rugged terrain, and lush foliage, is a fascinating exhibition of nature’s majesty. The gorge’s craggy views and pristine beauty are a sensory overload. Hikers are welcomed by magnificent panoramas, flowing waterfalls, and the relaxing sounds of nature as they explore its meandering routes. Marchalos Gorge’s spectacular beauty inspires visitors to immerse themselves in its unspoiled landscapes and embrace the wild character of the Heraklion region.

Biodiversity and Ecological Significance

Marchalos Gorge is a biodiversity hotspot, with a diverse range of plant and animal species.

The gorge’s distinct microclimate encourages the growth of a wide range of flora, including indigenous species, aromatic herbs and brilliant wildflowers. Numerous bird species, butterflies, and other small critters live in the thick foliage. Marchalos

Gorge is an important ecological corridor that contributes to the general health of the ecology in the region.

The Journey

It lies within a few kilometers from the “horn” of the Messara Plain, Cape Lithino, and 80 kilometers southwest of Heraklion. To get here, take the dirt road that leads from Odigitria Monastery to Lithino Cape (take the dirt road that turns right after the monastery, while the left leads to Agiofarago). After a few kilometers, you’ll find a sign for Martsalo. Following the dirt route will lead you to the beginning of Martsalo Gorge.

”Panagia Odigitria Monastery”

You should park your car near the gorge’s entrance and walk south for about 2 kilometers.The gorge’s route is not exceptionally tough. The gorge, like the rest of the region’s gorges (for example, Agiofarago), was and still is a hermitage of the Odigitria monastery. As a result, it is regarded as a religiously significant site. Many remnants of the cells where the monks lived can be found in the gorge.

The magnificent Panagia Martsaliani church (Virgin Mary of Martsalos), dedicated to the Annunciation, is located at the start of the trip. During the Christian persecutions, the church in a cave was utilized as a catacomb. It was discovered by chance a few centuries ago, when a shepherd discovered it and realized it was hidden by rocks. Then an icon of the Annunciation was discovered, which is presently housed at the monastery of Odigitria. On August 15th, when the church celebrates, numerous guests arrive from the Mesara Plain to Martsalo.

If you continue descending the gorge, ignoring the towering and steep cavernous cliffs, you will soon find yourself walking among Theophrastus’ endemic palm trees (Phoenix Theophrasti). Martsalo, in fact, has one of the greatest colonies of this species in Crete and the largest in the Heraklion prefecture. Furthermore, in the midst of the gorge, there is a stone container for collecting water from a nearby little spring. The hermits used to produce the necessities for their survival around this tank.

After going for 15-20 minutes along the palm tree clusters, you will arrive at the beach at the exit of Martsalos Gorge. The beach is absolutely isolated and features huge pebbles. The water is almost always peaceful, which gives rise to the name (Martsalo means “Good Harbor” in Latin). A rustic pier in the middle of the beach serves boats arriving from Kali Limenes or Matala. The beach is flanked by tamarisk trees, which offer natural shade. Martsalo is absolutely remote and suitable for solitude. However, it is a holy location, and practices such as nudism are considered disrespectful to the gorge’s hermits.

”Walking towards the beach”

Hiking Trails and Adventures

Marchalos Gorge’s picturesque pathways provide an exciting trip for nature enthusiasts and hikers. Hikers are rewarded with spectacular views, hidden caverns, and natural springs as they ascend and descend the steep terrain. Marchalos Gorge’s hiking trails cater to different levels of difficulty, allowing both novice and experienced hikers to explore its natural beauty.

Cultural and Historical Significance

For years, residents have walked the Martsalos Gorge, which serves as a critical link between villages and a source of inspiration for folklore and traditions. The ancient ruins and settlement fragments discovered in and around the gorge offer a look into the region’s history, weaving together the stories of the land and its people.

A Spiritual Connection

Marchalos Gorge provides a setting for reflection, spiritual connection, and renewal. The quiet environment is created by the placid beauty of the scenery, the gentle rustling of leaves, and the soothing sound of flowing water. The gorge’s pristine wilderness offers an opportunity to unplug from the stresses of daily life and find consolation in nature’s embrace. Marchalos Gorge provides a haven for travelers to immerse themselves in the grandeur of nature and recover their inner sense of calm.

Preservation and Respect

As visitors make their way through Marchalos Gorge, it is critical that they prioritize environmental preservation and care for the natural environment. Following established pathways, adopting appropriate trash management, and leaving no trace are all necessary activities to guarantee the gorge’s long-term survival and preservation. Visitors contribute to the conservation of Marchalos Gorge for future generations to enjoy by acting as responsible environmental stewards. Help us keep it as beautiful as it is.

Martsalos Gorge: Martsalos beach

THINGS TO SEE AND DO IN martsalos gorge & beach

Explole the cave formations
Hike to the nearby beaches
Take pictures of the great views
Have a break at Panagia Martsaliani
Appreciate nature's beauty
Might encounter local wildlife

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How to Get There

There are a few ways to reach Martsalos Gorge.

  • There are no direct buses going there, but you can get to the nearby towns and then travel to the gorge by taxi. You should keep in mind the bus schedules because they may vary or change.
  • One of the most convenient ways to reach the gorge is by car. You can rent a car from Heraklion city and then follow the directions below:

Start by heading west on the National Road 90 (E75) from Heraklion.

Continue on the E75 for approximately 40 kilometers (about 25 miles) until you reach the exit for Agia Varvara.

Take the exit and follow the signs toward Agia Varvara.

Once in Agia Varvara, you can ask locals for specific directions to Martsalos Gorge. It’s a relatively well-known natural attraction in the area.

  • Another way to reach the area, but just the beach of Martsalos, is by boat. There are a few that are doing that excursion from nearby towns like Kokkinos Pyrgos.
  • Of course, you can always make a reservation with an agent that makes excursions to the gorge.


Marchalos Gorge is a tribute to the breathtaking beauty and rich cultural legacy of Crete’s Heraklion region. The gorge welcomes adventurers and environment enthusiasts to experience its wild magnificence with its mountainous terrain, unique flora and fauna, and exhilarating hiking trails. A tour through Marchalos Gorge is a transforming experience that fosters a deep connection with the natural world and instills reverence for Crete’s stunning scenery. It is an expedition that urges people to embrace the wild spirit of the Heraklion region and leaves an unforgettable impact on everyone who go into Marchalos Gorge’s mesmerizing embrace.


Start Early!
Begin your hike early in the day to avoid the midday heat, especially during the summer months. It's also a great way to experience the gorge in the soft morning light.
Hiking Gear!
Wear comfortable and sturdy hiking shoes with good traction, as the terrain can be uneven and rocky. Bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.
Water and Snacks!
Carry an adequate supply of water to stay hydrated throughout your hike. It's also a good idea to bring energy-boosting snacks like nuts, dried fruits, or energy bars.
Swimming Gear!
If you plan to swim in the gorge's crystal-clear waters or explore its pools, bring your swimming attire, a towel, and water shoes for comfort.
Group tour!
If you are not sure how easy or difficult it will be for you to make the hike, you can plan a tour with the experts from agencies who know the trail and can help you navigate.
Respect the Environment!
Respect the natural environment by packing out all your trash. Follow the principles of "Leave No Trace" to minimize your impact on the ecosystem.

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